• SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite
  • SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite

SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite

Easy and effective permanent hair reduction in 4 weeks

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          What you need to know:

          • Clinically proven to deliver up to 92% of hair reduction in 12 weeks
          • FDA-cleared for the face and body—underarms, legs, bikini line, back, toes, fingers, upper lip
          • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to use
          • A full body hair removal treatment only takes 10 minutes
          • 120 flashes per minute, fixed 3 J/cm² power intensity, 1 comfort setting and 2 modes for stamping and gliding
          • Achieve silky smooth, hair free results with one weekly session for 12 weeks

          Our expert view

          The SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite uses IPL (intense pulsed light) technology to permanently remove unwanted hair at home. FDA-cleared for the face and body, all it takes is quick 10-minute weekly sessions to see visible results on your upper lip, arms, underarms, legs and bikini line. Includes innovative safety features to protect your skin and eyes at all times—unique UV Filter, smart skin safety sensors and skin contact sensors to eliminate the need for protective eyewear. This technology ensures the device will not flash unless a safe skin tone is detected.

          An easy device that delivers real results, ideal for anyone starting their hair removal journey.

          Break the hair growth cycle in a flash

          Clinically proven light energy transfers through the skin’s surface and is absorbed by the melanin pigment within the targeted hair follicles. That same light energy is then converted into heat, which disables the hair follicle preventing further growth.

          Glide Mode is perfect for legs, arms and back. Hold the activation button and glide with continuous flashes across the treatment area.

          Stamp Mode is ideal for the face, underarms, bikini line, fingers and toes. Press and release the activation button to release a flash. Move to the next area and repeat. Attach your precision head if available.

          Always shave up to 24 hours before every IPL session.

          You’ll start seeing visible results in as little as 4 weeks.

          Break the hair growth cycle in a flash

          What to expect over 12 weeks

          Within 1 to 4 weeks, you’ll still see some hair growth—these are the hairs that were lying dormant during the first few IPL sessions. Hairs must be in their growth phase for IPL technology to be at its most effective.

          After 5 to 6 weeks, you'll notice significant hair reduction, with any remaining hairs appearing finer and lighter.

          Once your 12 weeks of consistent sessions are complete, expect silky smooth, hair free skin.

          Continue IPL sessions every 2 months as required to maintain your results.

          What to expect over 12 weeks
          Your Questions Answered

          Your Questions Answered

          Our in-house Beauty Expert answers your most common Questions.

          Step 1: Shave all visible hair. Skin should be clean and dry. Do a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment.

          Step 2: Hold the device firmly against the skin and press the activation button.

          Step 3: Press the activation button. For large areas, use glide mode. Hold the activation button down and glide the device across the treatment area. For small areas, use stamp mode and attach the precision head. Press and release the activation button, then move to the next area.

          A SmoothSkin treatment can feel a little unusual at first. Most users describe it as a warm sensation which doesn’t feel painful. On a scale from 1 to 10, users scored their first SmoothSkin IPL treatment at just 3/10—a lot less painful than a wax. 100% of users that feel discomfort agree that this reduces over time.

          IPL has a wider beam to reach more hair follicles. Laser uses a longer, narrow wavelength to target 1 follicle at a time.

          Read more about the differences from Dr. Alpana Mohta.

          SmoothSkin tests show that a full body treatment takes just 10 minutes. Estimating; lower legs about 5 minutes, upper legs in less than 4 minutes, underarms and bikini line in about 1 minute. However, treatments may vary from person to person.

          For IPL to work efficiently you must remove any hair in the area you will treat to ensure the light energy targets the hair follicle beneath the skin directly.

          Dimensions: L 120mm x W 70mm x H 50mm

          Weight: 0.175kg

          Power Line Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.7-0.91A

          Device Finish: 3 different colours with a matte finish

          Intensity Settings: 1

          Treatment Modes: 2 (Glide and Stamp)

          Optical Power: 18 Watts

          Max Repetition Rate: Manually pulsed every 0.5 seconds. Continuous operation.

          Max Optical Output: 3 J/cm²

          Pulse Length: 0.5 to 1.0 m/s FWHM

          Wavelength: 510 to 1100nm (effective range)

          Operating Temperature: Between 5˚C and 40˚C

          Operating Humidity: Up to 93% R.H. Non condensing

          Operating Pressures: 700hPa

          Warranty: 2 Years

          Treatment Area (Spot Size): 3cm² (30mm x 10mm)

          The area directly around the treatment window is classified as the Applied Part and can reach a maximum temperature of 52˚C.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if you have very dark skin. The skin tone sensor located near the output window of the device will determine the tone of your skin. If the skin tone sensor determines that your skin is too dark for safe use, operation of SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite will be prevented.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if your skin has been artificially or naturally tanned or is burned from sun overexposure. Your skin may be extra sensitive following sun exposure and particularly susceptible to burning, blistering, discoloring or scarring if you use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite. Wait 1 week until sunburn or tan disappears before using SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite.

          DO NOT expose treated areas to the sun. Wait at least 7 days after treatment before exposing treated skin to direct sunlight. Your skin may be extra sensitive following SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite treatment and particularly susceptible to sunburn. Apply sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater) to the treated area or cover the treated area with suitable clothing.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite directly on the nipples, genitals or around the anus. These areas may have a darker skin colour and/or greater hair density. Using the device in these areas may cause discomfort/pain or injure (burn, discolour or scar) your skin.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if you have a history of skin cancer or precancerous lesions (e.g. nevi or a large number of moles).

          DO NOT use on blisters and scars.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if you are pregnant, lactating, as this device has not been tested with these individuals.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite on dark brown or black spots such as birthmarks, moles or warts in the area you wish to treat. Using SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite may injure your skin or make existing conditions worse. You may experience side effects such as burns, blisters and skin colour changes or scarring.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if you have any skin condition in the treatment area, including psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, acne, herpes simplex or active infections or wounds.

          DO NOT use SmoothSkin Pure Mini Lite if you are under the age of 18 as this device has not been tested on these individuals.

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