Elite Range

Ready to make the ultimate investment in your skin? Get the exact same treatment you’d have in a clinic at home with incredible beauty devices that mimic the technology, chosen and trusted by our Beauty Device Experts.

Wellbox [S]

Harness this FDA-approved in-home version of trusted salon-based endermologie tech that smoothes cellulite, releases fat and boosts your complexion from head-to-toe.

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Dermalux Flex MD

Do it just like a salon with the world's most powerful at-home LED device. treat visible ageing, acne, scarring, pigmentation, muscle and joint pain with the same tech GPs trust.

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E-One Clinic Permanent Hair Removal Device

Get a clinic standard treatment at home with this portable professional IPL device. Trust the powerful procedure you only need to do once ever 6-8 weeks.

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CapillusUltra Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth

Hands-free, natural hair regrowth cap for fuller, stronger hair in just 6 minutes a day. Shop this revolutionary, FDA-cleared genetic hair loss treatment for men and women.

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CurrentBody Skin LED Kit

Trust 20 years of our specialist LED knowledge, scientific backing and A-List client roster to smooth out your wrinkles, even out skintone, reduce pigmentation and fight acne.

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LYMA Laser

Reach for handheld medical-grade skin renewal powered by 50 years of science that salons can't touch. Fight visible signs of ageing and heal your skin from within.

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Dr. Arrivo Zeus II

Channel healing, anti-ageing technology into your skin via 24k gold electrodes to plump, firm and tighten at home.

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A salon-grade, needle-free oxygen injection at home that reveals a fresher, plumper and healthier-looking complexion. Boost those results with their enhancement serums.

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